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Everything you need to know about being an Employer with LanceMonster.com. (Of course, feel free to
Learn everything you need to know about being a Service Provider with LanceMonster.com. (Of course,
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Learn all about our Feedback system and how to use it
Learn how to conduct transactions with confidence using our Escrow Secutiy Service.
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LanceMonster.com Employers
Become an Employer today to start listing projects completely FREE!  Projects are instantly posted to the marketp...
Service Provider Profiles!
As a Service Provider one of the first things you should do is set up your provider profile.  Some employers sear...
How do I Leave Feedback for an Employer?
Go to your My Account Dashboard and click the Leave feedback link once the project is complete and transactions are final.
Employer Fees
Employer Fees Free to join and list standard projects The...
Service Provider Fees
Service Provider Fees Standard Membership
How do I Place a Bid?
To place a bid you must be registered as a Service Provider (Freelancer).Once registered, browse for listed projects and se...
What Fees Will I Pay for Using LanceMonster.com?
At LanceMonster.com you'll get a first rate web service at a great value. Employer...
Why is There a Gateway Fee to Deposit Funds?
Gateway Fees are fees incurred when funds are sent from an external gateway provider (i.e. PayPal, Moneybookers, etc.) to another accou...
What does Pending Escrow mean from my Next Step column?
After a project has been awarded the service provider will see Pending Escrow under their Next Step column if the Employer has not f...
How Does Escrow Security Service Work?
LanceMonster.com Escrow Security Service is an option we offer to our users to enhance transaction confidence.This service ...
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